MAPTECH FIBRE LASER are used in Major Automotive Industries / Fabrication Industries / Pharmaceutical Industries for Marking Part Number / Batch Number / Serial Number / Date Code / 2D Data Matrix / QR Code, Logo.

MAPTECH FIBRE LASER WITH 20 / 30 / 50W are available to Mark On Various Material from Soft Plastic to Hard Metal.

MAPTECH FIBRE LASER is best solution for Surface Etching / Marking / Deep Engraving on Materials.

FIBRE LASER with F Theta Lens are available in Various Option from 100x100m 210x210mm 300x300mm.

FIBRE LASER with Manual Z Axis Column and Motorised Automatic Z Axis Column for adjusting the Focal Distance of the Machine to Component are available in Various Ranges.

MAPTECH FIBRE LASER Marking Machine with Various Range of Models for Standalone (Bench Top Model), Line Automation, System Integration.

MAPTECH FIBRE LASER are easily interfaced with Automation / Robotic Interface System.